07/2014 – present

Full-stack developer (Java+UI)
EPAM Systems (Mountain View, CA, USA)

Google Fiber project

Build and maintain internal applications.


10/2010 – 07/2014

Senior UI Engineer
EPAM Systems (Budapest, Hungary)

Hotels.com project

Plan, build and develop internal and external websites, including the partner tools and the mobile version.

Ryanair.com project

Evaluate the website rewrite project from the Engineer point of view, point out problematic parts and fix it.

05/2007 – 10/2010

Project Leader & Software Engineer
Inda-Labs Zrt. (Budapest, Hungary)

Project leader and software designer. I work on the Indapass, which is the largest Hungarian SSO system. As developer I work on the administration board of the Indapass. Indapass is a single sign-on system, which serving the authentication and authorization to the following sites: Indamail.hu (free email provider), Blog.hu (the largest free blog provider in Hungary), Indafoto.hu (photo sharing) and the Indavideo.hu (video sharing). The indapass, and the enumerated sites are belong to Index.hu, the second most visited news portal in Hungary.

11/2006 – 05/2007

Developer & System Designer
Vatera.hu Kft. (Budapest, Hungary)

I worked on the most popular auction website (and co-branded versions) in Hungary.

11/2005 – 11/2006

Full-stack Developer (LAMP+UI)
Jasmin Media Group (Budapest, Hungary)

I worked on the livejasmin.com. I had firsthand experience with systems with high traffic and high availability requirements. The profile of this site is adult entertainment, rated 42nd on the Alexa (worldwide) and 24th in the US.

11/2004 – 11/2005

Lead Backend Developer (LAMP)
Expressz Magyarország Zrt. (Budapest, Hungary)

Expressz is the eldest classified advertisement newspaper in Hungary. I worked on the Expressz Online. I led a small team, a DBA and two other developers.

11/2003 – 11/2004

Full-stack Developer (LAMP+UI)
Webconsult.hu Kft. (Budapest, Hungary)

I’d worked on various projects; include the CMS of the company, named Calcun. Developed websites and applications for local government of Szentendre, Panasonic Hungary, for the Szerencsejáték Rt (state-owned gambling company) and various clients including administration.